History of the work jacket

The Work Jacket also called chore coat made his first appearance in France, at the end of the nineteenth century. Thanks to its thick and tough piece made from durable cotton drill, the work jacket was adapted for hard physical work, permitted also by its loose fit that made it easy to wear over other layers. The 3 or 4 pockets were used to store the objects a worker would need for work. Traditionally known its blue dye version, the work jacket is still known to this day as bleu de travail which translates directly to ‘blue for work’.

But it’s not until the “bleu de travail” conquers the U.S that it would be known as the notorious Work or Chore Jacket. The chore jackets of America weren’t of the same rich blue as French “Bleu de Travail”, but the construction was same.

In the beginning of the twenties, work jackets were being manufactured in massive quantities both in Europe and US.

With The Belleville work jacket, we wanted to bring a fresh touch to this famous piece of clothing. With a slightly wider cut than its ancestor, our version of the work jacket goes with 4 pockets and comes in a solid cotton drill. Additionally the Belleville work Jacket comes in 5 different colors.

Basically, the work jacket :

  • Can be worn all year long, with a simple t-shirt for summer days or under your coat when its get colder.
  • A versatile piece of clothing that can be worn both opened, totally buttoned up to the collar, or collar up with just two upper buttons.
  • The thick cotton drill is a very good wind protection and is almost completely water-repellent. 

Interested to discover our version? Here you go !

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