Day: December 30, 2018

Introduction to cotton-twill

What Is Twill Fabric? Along with satin and plain weave, twill is one of the three original types of weaves used for textiles. Rather than denoting a certain type of fabric fiber, “twill” refers to a specific type of weaving that results in a diagonal pattern. For contrast, both satin and plain weave have straight […]

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History of the work jacket

The Work Jacket also called chore coat made his first appearance in France, at the end of the nineteenth century. Thanks to its thick and tough piece made from durable cotton drill, the work jacket was adapted for hard physical work, permitted also by its loose fit that made it easy to wear over other […]

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History of the cargo Pants

They’ve been called masculine, they’ve been called lame. They’ve been worn by soldiers on the frontline and by teenage video game addicts. They’ve come in all colors of the camo rainbow but made equally available in high-end wool. The cargo pant is like the double-agent of the menswear world, simultaneously working for both sides of […]

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